Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Loctite wins the Superbowl!!!

The general consensus seems to be that Fallon's Loctite Glue won the Superbowl. 
 See Loctite Glue spot.

The spot was funny and creative but as I walked through Home Depot the other day, I saw the Loctite Super Glue display.  $3.48 for a little bottle.  Assuming that Home Depot makes a $1.00 or so in mark up, that means Loctite needs to sell two-million or so bottles just to pay for the media (fuzzy math, not real math).

For a product that you only use occasionally, that seems like a tall order to me.  It is not the low price point but the infrequency of the purchase/need that makes it look like a curious choice for the Superbowl. 

I have read that Loctite spent what amounts to their entire marketing budget on the spot.  Time will tell if it was a wise investment.


Mark Schnurman
Filament Inc.

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