Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Loctite wins the Superbowl!!!

The general consensus seems to be that Fallon's Loctite Glue won the Superbowl. 
 See Loctite Glue spot.

The spot was funny and creative but as I walked through Home Depot the other day, I saw the Loctite Super Glue display.  $3.48 for a little bottle.  Assuming that Home Depot makes a $1.00 or so in mark up, that means Loctite needs to sell two-million or so bottles just to pay for the media (fuzzy math, not real math).

For a product that you only use occasionally, that seems like a tall order to me.  It is not the low price point but the infrequency of the purchase/need that makes it look like a curious choice for the Superbowl. 

I have read that Loctite spent what amounts to their entire marketing budget on the spot.  Time will tell if it was a wise investment.


Mark Schnurman
Filament Inc.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Has the Superbowl Halftime show jumped the shark?

Arguing the creative value of Katy Perry is a topic for another day.  The question for me is just how far the NFL should try to stretch its demo with the halftime show.  At some point in the stretching process something has to break.  I think we saw the breaking point last night.
 Katy Perry's 'Right Shark' Is Actually a Really Hot Dude

I did not think that the teenage girl was the much coveted demographic that the NFL was so urgently trying to obtain.  As I watched the show last night I thought what is next, Disney Princesses on Ice for a halftime show.  Or maybe Dora the Explorer.  Frankly, the California Girls bit last night reminded me of more of Dora than any other musical act.

As marketers, do we make the same mistake?  In an effort to grab as big a market share as possible, do we lose sight of our core audience.  In the pharma industry it seems even more important to understand our core customer and build from there.  It is difficult enough for us to capture the physicians attention in an ever shortening detail or keep a consumers attention during a DTC spot.  Let’s not make the same mistake as the NFL and invite our customers to tune out because we cast too wide a net.
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