Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why do clients kill the best creative?

An unfortunate reality in advertising is that frequently, the best ideas get killed.  Some of the this can be chalked up to risk-averse client attitudes.  But from what I have seen, client's frequently reject great ideas not because they don't like the idea......they reject the idea because they don't even get the idea.

It is easy to blame this on clients not being creative.  Or maybe they are just dumb.  Or maybe, just maybe...the creative person did not do a good enough job presenting the creative.

You can/t fix dumb clients.  You can fix poorly presented creative.

Creatives have a number of challenges helping clients understand what makes an idea great.  It starts with establishing yourself as solving a business problem (not a creative problem).  Next, help clients understand what the challenge is in bringing the idea to life.  It also helps to let the client understand how the idea came about instead of simply showing the idea.

It comes down to how you set up the idea.  Many creative show the work and then describe the work.  The challenge is that once the clients sees work, they start judging.  Once they start judging, it is too late to sell the work because they are not listening to a work you say.  Their mind is made up.

It is a little hard to explain in a blog but there is webclinic on the topic.  For more in for click here.

-Mark Schnurman
Filament Inc

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